Allen Wrench & the Nuts
Over de band

In 2015 three experienced Amsterdam-based musicians got together and started Allen Wrench & the Nuts. Each of them had
played in numerous bands and projects before but in this combination they hadn't played together yet. However, they did know each other
from previous bands, jamsessions and other projects.
Apart from their high level of musicianship it soon became clear that all members had a similar attitude towards playing music
The love of making music is the most important issue in this band. Dreams about becoming rich and famous are over. Of course,
this is also due to the fact that all bandmembers are themselves born in the 60's. They are done withy ego-fights, irresponsible
partying and other distracting behaviour. It's time to make good music and nothing but!

The music Allen Wrench & the Nuts play is a combination of blues, sixties and miscellaneous songs that all have one thing
in common: that real human live-music feeling. Playing records is something to do during breaks.
Besides stage-experience and control of their instruments the joy of making music is very much alive and this shows at all their gigs.

After one year of building up and playing as much as possible Allen Wrench & the Nuts are ready for bigger tasks. Original material
is being worked on and there are plans for recording a first cd. In 2016 the band is going all the way now that there is a solid base
for big(ger) venues, fame, and glory :-)
You can be the witness of all this and go see them as long as there are enough tickets available!

For more intimate info on the bandmembers seperately you can view their personal pages listed below: