Allen Wrench & the Nuts

Ed or Eddie the bassplayer is known for his very likeable and honest personality as well as his tight bassplaying. Both features fit
perfectly in the concept Allen Wrench & the Nuts. More particularly for its core: the rhythm section that creates the fundament for Dominik
Once forced to start playing bass because two others were already holding guitars, but since then also voluntarily; on 4 strings one makes
less mistakes than on 6, after all. Besides blues, Eddie likes folkmusic, reaggea and Bob Dylan. Pink Floyd is his favourite band, and blue
is his favourite colour.

Besides Allen Wrench & the Nuts Ed is a harpist in Sunflower and the bassplayer in the Ruigoord Rebels, another Amsterdam-based band
that plays more ragtime and Americana
Finally, Eddie has a parttime job as Biology teacher in a school where he tries to teach teenagers what to do and what not to do.