Allen Wrench & the Nuts

The frontman of Allen Wrench & the Nuts is Dominik. Born Swiss, but living in Holland for a long time by now. So obviously, before
this band started, Dominik left his marks in several places already. This was done in several bands, mostly backing up other people-
someting he is very good at indeed. But being the face of Allen Wrench & the Nuts Dominik shows that he himself can easily entertain
an audience for a full evening. Musically, technically and creatively Dominik is one of the best. He finished his education at the
Sweelinck Conservatoriy with ease. Besides that he has a great sense to feel what different audiences like at a certain time.
Being a thinker that is able to tranpose his feelings into his guitarplaying, Dominik has a skill that you don't see turn into
something so beautiful that often. His voice is warm, powerful and - luckily - without an accent. Come and hear for yourself!

Other bands where you get to admire Dominik are: Mirage and Landslide